How to be healthy and happy?

Most of us have a basic understanding of health and what we should do to keep healthy. But using this knowledge and see the relation between our behavior and our health is harder. Positive psychology and Neurology has further taught us a lot more around basic principles that enhance our health and happiness.

By following your behavior on the most basic principles for long-term health you can see and understand the relation between these basic principles for yourself. When you can see you can also start to reflect how to improve your health and happiness.

Studies show that something as simple as writing 3 positives things we ́ve done during the day has a large impact on our wellbeing. That is one thing you can use this tool for.

We have used the latest progress within Positive Psychology and Neurology and worked with medical doctors and psychologist to develop MyHappiness. We have had users test the tool and improved MyHappiness based on their response. We believe MyHappiness is the best, easiest and fastest tool there is to help you help yourself, and it ́s free!

Improve your health and happiness. Try it for 21 days. 21 days is what one study claims it takes to create a new habit. We ́re continually adding new studies and research to the blog.

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