This is our very first blog ☺

We are very happy and proud to finally be able to show MyHappiness.

We have worked long and hard to give you a tool where you can see the connection between your feelings and your activities. We hope you use it daily, give us feedback on how we can develop it further and tell your friends what you like about it.

MyHappiness began as a project to give busy people a tool for better stress management. We started interviewing doctors, psychologists, stressed city dwellers and those who had really good health. We quickly discovered that there was a great need to see how various activities of life was linked to feelings, for all individuals. This led to MyHappiness.

The fastest, easiest, smartest and probably the best (free) tool that will help you improve your health!


The timeline above is my last week. There is an almost perfect correlation between sleep and how I was feeling. The blue line is my sleep, and the green line is my wellbeing. The timeline starts June 9, where I had a good sleep and I felt excellent during the day. Then there are other aspects of life that made me feel worse the day after. As you see, the sleep quickly deteriorated.

June 10th I shut down the computer when I got home, meditated, read a book instead of watching TV and went to bed early. As you see in the timeline, I slept better and felt better the day after. I used the same tactic the following day: read, meditated and got 8 hours of sleep, and further improved how I felt.

It’s not all behavior that gives results as fast as what I got here. A good night’s sleep often improves my wellbeing. Workout normally provides a slower performance in my timeline, but is nevertheless very important for my long-term happiness. It becomes visible when I have not exercised for a while; both my sleep and my mood drops on the timeline.

An argument at work, e.g. a bad social day, shows up as an instant drop in my happiness.

Be good to yourself. Try this for 21 days* and see how your actions correlate with your health and happiness, use the reflection tool and find your keys to improvements!

Be good – feel good

/The Happiness team

* Studies of the human brain shows it takes around 21 days to form neural pathway and thus new habits