Gratitude improves your health

Gratitude is one of those simple things we can choose and practice in order to improve our health.

The article describes research around gratitude so Im not going into it here. Rather, I want to tell you one way to use

the health diary.

Every night, wright 3-5 things that happened during the day that you are grateful for, small or big things. Everything from the raise you got to the smile at the grocery store. Do this for 3 weeks, go back look at the graph and see if you see any changes. Maybe the feeling good graph is a little more stable with less sad faces or the stress graph stays in a straight line around average, instead of having the normal dips?

When you are done studying the graph, click the reflection button and start writing what you see and feel around the gratitude practice for the time period. You can go back to the same reflection several times, changing or adding your thought about the practice.

This will help you understand more about yourself and thus help you improve. Or as Daniel Goleman writes “self-improvement starts with self-reflection”

Here is the article from Forbes
How and why you should practice gratitude