Why writing will improve your health and happiness

Self-awareness is referred to as the bedrock of personal growth and success. According to Daniel Goleman, Self-awareness is the keystone of emotional intelligence. Stress, trauma and unexpected life situations or developments may restrain sufferers to an emotional state.

HappinessMany researchers concluded that writing about thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise from a stressful and traumatic event or experience is called an “expressive writing”. However, an expressive writing may help to many people to cope with their present emotional feeling. Hitherto, this may not appear as a total cure for stress or trauma and might not work for everyone. Nevertheless, expressive writing may, however, occur to be more effective to some people who are not suffering from severe mental health challenges e.g. post-traumatic or major stress disorder. Until now, effective writing has appeared as powerful tools renowned by the top psychologists and change agent that are capable of assisting people in coping with stress and trauma in their daily dealings.
Sequel to the research carried out on the health benefit of expressive writing by Dr. James W. Pennebaker who is currently the head of Psychology Department at the University of Texas, Austin, he conducted his research by asking 46 healthy college students to write about their traumatic and stressful personal life for 15 minutes on 4 consecutive days. After six months of the repeated writing procedure, it was observed that student who wrote about their stressful life visit the campus health center less often and made less usage of analgesic frequently, than those that wrote about an insignificant matter that has nothing to do with trauma or stress.

Some studies have made evaluate the extensive role of expressive writing on people with physical health conditions which include a migraine, asthma, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. Relatively, most of the finding shows alleviation in the physical outcome such as reduction in blood pressure and heart beat rate. Many researchers concluded and suggest that writing and following your health development initially may conversely upset people with mental and physical stress and trauma but ultimately help them to relax by mitigating their conditions. Moreover, recently some groups of researchers estimate the rate at which expressive writing reduces trauma and stress. One study made its findings by expatiating on the techniques by which stigma related stresses are being reduced. It discovers how stress participant was able to write their trauma event, and exploring their innermost thought, which could help them to careless about the memory.

Im happy

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