Is it free to join?

Yes. There are no costs involved for you.

This could be sensitive information. Do you share this information with anyone?

No! We don’t share any information in the database with anyone. As long as you keep your login secure, the information is safe.

How do I know that my information isn’t used in any way?

We don’t share the information with anyone. Your security is vital for us. Therefore we don’t ask for your name or any other information that can be traced back to you. The only thing we know about you is your e- mail. If the worst would happened and someone gets passed your login, the information can only be traced to your e-mail.

How does it work?

You have 5 clicks to do per day; how you feel, how you slept, workout, your social day and your stress. We also encouraged you to write a short note about the day.
Based on this, MyHappiness gives you a timeline and you can start to see the covariance between your activities and feelings.
When you follow your covariance you can start to write reflections. The reflections will help you help yourself to a better health and improved happiness.
This is the first version. There are more fun things in the pipeline.