MyHappiness is a Swedish service and runs under Swedish legislation. The following terms of use is a translation from the Swedish Terms of Use.

1) Cookies / Cookies

MyHappiness uses cookies to improve the service. By saving some of your choices and information in a file on your computer your work is facilitated. According to the Electronic Communications Act (SFS 2003: 389) everyone who visits a website with cookies should be informed about these.

No personal information is saved and information about your visits to MyHappiness cannot be traced. Cookies can be deleted from your computer by clearing memory cookie in your browser.

2) PUL – Privacy Act

According to the Swedish Personal Data Act (SFS 1998: 204), anyone who collects and stores personal data via the Internet need consent of the person submitting the information. Personal information comprises all information that can be linked to you as a person. By register on MyHappiness you agree that the information you enter is stored and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act. If you are a business user, you also agree that feedback at group level in accordance with 3 will occur.

3) Results and data on group and organizational level – only available for Swedish organisations and companies.

The following is for those of you who participate in the improvement efforts, using MyHappiness in an organization or business.

In order to improve the workplace health beyond the usual workplace surveys, MyHappiness help companies and organizations enhance wellbeing and reduce stress, by performing quality-assured measurement. Based on the results of these measurements, the company or organization develop action plans and measures are followed up by MyHappiness to ensure that the measures are having the intended effect.

MyHappiness offers companies and organizations non-personal information at group- and company / organizational level. This means that the company or organization can see the average of the responses on 2 levels, group and company level. Answers cannot be traced to individuals. It is only you who participate who has access to your information!

In order to increase reliability and to protect the individual’s information, we do not aggregate results for groups with less than 10 respondents and / or in groups with less than 50% response rate, if this is less than 10 respondents.

This means that the result always will be based at least 10 respondents in a group in order for group results to be obtained.

4) Information Management

Information recorded in MyHappiness in stored in Sweden and follows Swedish regulation for information security.

The information is only available to you. By managing your usernames and passwords in a secure way you make sure your information is secure.

The information is used by the system to compile and provide results on an individual level, and to provide you with comparison values with the whole group or based on the group with the values you set in your account settings.

If you sign up with a company or organizational affiliation, compilations can be done according to 3.

You can always delete your account. If you do, it is not possible to reactivate an account.

5) Confidentiality

All information that you register on MyHappiness is treated with the highest confidentially. The only information we have about you that could be linked to you is your e-mail.

One problem with secrecy is your own computer, especially if you work in a company and your email account there. If you wish, you can create an email account such as Gmail or other Web-based e-mail service to further enhance your privacy.

6) Disclaimer

MyHappiness is based on the recent studies and research on what can create a better quality of life and health. However, there is no treatment that helps everyone.

The technologies included in MyHappiness concept is, however, consistent with studies and research proven positive effects at group level to improve sleep, reduce stress, creating recovery, improve concentration, in short general wellbeing.

All participation is at your own free will and on your own responsibility. MyHappiness assumes no responsibility for any kind of illness that may be the basis of your problems.

Do you have medical or psychological disorders; qualified health professionals should always investigate them. MyHappiness take no responsibility for your health. Notify your doctor or medical staff that you are using or want to use MyHappiness and discuss how it can help you with your any inconvenience.