Our objective is that your regard MyHappiness as the simplest, fastest, and smartest tool to monitor and improve your health.

We have worked with organizational development in a variety of companies over the past 25 years. We have conducted employee surveys linking health to financial results in a number of workplaces, we have made a large number of employee interviews regarding requirements for change management both organizational and process, we have worked with IT and organizational transformation projects and we have analyzed conducted follow-ups on those implementations.

What has been common for these projects, regardless what roles we had is how stressed both companies and employees become. Stress and ill health has significantly changed over the last 10 years: on corporate & organizational level we find visible stress in decision-making and the absence of decisions taken. At employee level, visible stress is evident in the number of sick days, but long before that by different stress symptoms such as sleep problems, irritability, difficulty concentrating or memory problems.

But there was no tool that individuals or organizations could use for fast and easy monitoring of health and stress levels. It was also important to visualize the development of these relations. For us, it was important to be proactive, to follow the development and be able to change things in an early stage.

The tool you see today is the result of interviews with a large number of people, discussions with medical doctors and psychologist, lots of Google searches, 3 years of studies on stress and health, and analyzing how a simple tool would work.

Today we see that MyHappiness works equally well for the active sportsmen who want to follow the parameters other than lap times and heart rate, or the professional with a minimum of time who want to track stress and sleep as for those who are sick and need help to see what actions results in increased well-being.

MyHappiness is your tool to visualize and analyze your health and how your activities and feelings interact with one another. MyHappiness consists of:

  • A very simple and fast registration of daily activities and emotions
  • A diary connected to your activities and emotions
  • Visualization of activities and services
  • A reflection possibility (a tool where you set the timeframe and analyze what happened during that time frame) to gather your thoughts when you analyze actions and emotions afterwards
  • A tool to compare your development with other groups
  • Regular reporting of research, studies and health news about well-being and health.

Based on the visualization and analysis of your development, you can use MyHappiness to see what and how your activities and emotions interact and affect your health over time, as well as guide you to a healthier life.

We hope that you will use the tool, share your thoughts and benefits with others and of course, help you improve your health and happiness over time.

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